Staged Work

Seeing Maya

Full-length play, Drama-Comedy
Producer: Order Chaos Theater Company | January, 2024

Can we love outside the lines? Where do we draw the border between our hearts? Do we have the courage to go into the disputed territory beyond our normality to make the human connection? 

In this Tel Aviv love story, under the stress of the Gulf war, Danny, 26, American, meets his Israeli neighbor, Maya, 52. Cultures clash and hearts unexpectedly open. Traditional family roles fail revealing a different, deeper love that challenges us to open to the unknown of true intimacy. How serious can it get? Let’s find out.

Exit Dust

Full-length play, Comedy
Producer: Theatre Artsists Studio | May, 2022

Dusty is a time traveler from the tech-enabled future where there is no discrimination based on gender or race or anything. But while working at Trader Joe’s, she has fallen in love with Jesse from the present. Jesse brings her home to meet his difficult Jewish family hoping they can all get along. Jesse’s father has Alzheimer’s and when Dusty cures him with technology from the future all hell breaks loose. It’s a family comedy and love story about people moving in different directions in time, and whether they can change course to go somewhere new and better together. In the end, EVERYONE has to choose between past and future.

Love Disorder

Full-length play, Comedy
Producer: iTheatre Collaborative | November, 2014

Breaking up is hard to do, and so is staying together, in this comedy about couples and their discontents. When Laura attempts to separate from her boyfriend, Percy, because the only feelings he seems to possess are “sports feelings”, their circle of friends must reassess their own relationships as well.

Do we lose our individuality in love or do we gain it? Are we doomed to reenact our parents’ less than inspiring domesticities, or can we break free of the past to set our own course of the heart? These and other profound questions are lightly touched upon, as we follow Laura&Percy, RobnKiki and JustinErica through the passions, conflicts, delusions and resolutions of their love disorders.


10 minute play
Producer: Winding Road Theatre, Tucson, April 2019
Producer: Theatre Artists Studio, Phoenix, June 2018
Producer: Herberger Lunchtime Theatre, Phoenix, July 2018

A couple in a theater try to decide whether to leave a play and each other.

How to Quit Writing

10 minute play
Producer: Space 55, Phoenix, July 2018
Producer: Herberger Lunchtime Theatre, Phoenix, July 2015

In a workshop, a writer shares his most authentic, ambitious project yet.


Barking at Butterflies

10 minute play
Producer: KMC Onstage, Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 2018.
Producer: Theatre Artists Studio, Phoenix, August 2013

Two Spanish Water Dogs reflect on life, relationships, people and butterflies.